Metal Gear Solid, Raccoon edition!

I’ll be damned if I don’t hear Sly Sly SLYYYYY..” at some point! Also note that Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is my first game review ever, so be gentle!


Meet Sly, sneaky little raccoon whose family have been masters of theft since times when Egyptians ruled the world. Some bad dudes killed Sly’s parents and their ancient family heirloom book was stolen! Book includes all the tricks and secrets of the Raccoon master thief family. Together with the geeky turtle and Murray pink hippo, they head to this mysterious adventure and start to look for the missing book pages! It does not help when Policeman Carmelita Montoya Fox tries to vaporize Sly to the high heavens with her bad-ass bazooka!

This game has everything what a hardcore platform gamers love! Funny cut scenes, amazing sound effects (Coins, extra lives and most of all, the sneaking part while you are inside the barrel. Hilarious!). Even though I don’t approve driving and shooting minigames with a MILLION NO-NO-DON’T-DO THIS, Bentley’s hacking game was really well done. I also found references to other games! I’m pretty sure a blind kid could spot these, but I was so excited that I found them by myself. There was a flying bug from Rayman in the Swampland and a crab from the crab shooting game from Spyro! At least I’m pretty sure they look like them another story if they are just similar..

Spyro, Jak and Daxter I remember these diamonds from my childhood any day. Intensive power up and gem hunting, jumping, including intriguing characters and breathtaking views. For my taste,  difficulty setting was just about right, I have maybe the lowest toleration in the universe for hard puzzle games! Amazing gaming moments from my childhood, but for some reason Sly Racoon never made it to my collection. I can understand why, because this game IS HARD. Like holy hell, I’ve died a million times for example in these:

Also excuse me, what is this:

You can’t know playing first time that there is a large gap between your platform and the another one! I mean jeez, would it be so hard to add some kind of mini platform here, so you don’t fall to your fiery demise? Really boils my nonexistent nuts away! Cheap way to add more hardness to the game if you don’t mind me saying so. Our friend with a sniper from Overwatch knows what I’m talking about: ONE SHOT, ONE KILL. This is the worst thing. The game is really stingy when it comes extra hit points (horseshoes). Better look out for them, otherwise you will not be a happy player!


Bentley: “Watch out those voodoo dudes, they work in teams!”
Sly: “So do we buddy”.


Overall: If you haven’t played Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus when it came out DO IT NOW! Even though the game was hard, I really enjoyed playing it! Maybe I’ll just suck in it, so who knows. Also don’t play this if you like the genre, this will make your blood boil more than the vast emptiness of space. More or less.


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