Ah genre of the winners, sci-fi! Can’t really remember the first time I started to get into it. I was 12 when I started to be a crazy fan girl over Dragon ball Z. Different worlds (I was amazed about the green skies of planet Namek, was a bit anxious about the Frieza’s space ships),  crazy looking aliens. The series had everything I wanted, and I clearly remember that my friends didn’t understand it at all! I was hooked. NASA, space exploration, sci-fi, spaceships, ISS, science, artificial intelligence, movies, documents & articles are dang-diddly-doo interesting! I could continue the list forever. These things also makes me a bit sad, because I know, I won’t be alive during the peak of the human future. Although top scientists have predicted that in 60 years A.I will surpass our own intelligence. Pretty deep huh, I just hope there is not going to be Hitler number 50 making the hard decisions (PSST! Read

I was born too damn early! I want my own spaceship and go wander to the vast universe, see new aliens, new systems, new ways of life and tech.. all the amazing tech. Okay I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky like hell, but this hype started before NMS. I cannot say what could be more exciting than this. I can’t even start to imagine, what is out there, what we don’t know. I’m pretty sad that I’m never going to experience all these space activities UNLESS they invent some kind of eat-these-don’t-get-older drugs!

I wanted a game, where I feel like I’m in the future doing my futuristic shit. I got my own spaceship, hair color that changes when I press button (oh please, please NASA or someone invent this!). Well plus all the things that I wrote before. Let’s take an example, like the Mass Effect series. It is still the best game I’ve ever played. The atmosphere, characters, combat. Everything is so well made for feeling like you actually are there, leading humanity to victory as Captain Shepard (fem ofc).

I’m Captain Shepard and I can see through ceiling.

Even thou for me the PC port was BUGGY AS HELL. Even Bugs Bunny would have given up *Badumtshh*. No but seriously, something like that happend almost every time I played it! Still the best game EVER MADE!

I’m also waiting for Star Citizen. I pitched to my friend that I want to play a game, that is JUST LIKE IT! I Needless to say, I was excited when I heard about the game. Excitement was short lived, when I saw It’s still under development aand It still is! Yes I know, if you make a big game, be prepared to wait for it. They just took awful lot of  money from backers and they are still in alpha 2.4. Really hope they get their shit together and make the most amazing game there is.

Also, check out my Gamertag

Fantasy (93%): Gamers who score high on Fantasy want their gaming experiences to allow them to become someone else, somewhere else. They enjoy the sense of being immersed in an alter ego in a believable alternate world, and enjoy exploring a game world just for the sake of exploring it. These gamers enjoy games like Skyrim, Fallout, and Mass Effect for their fully imagined alternate settings.

Design (91%): Gamers who score high on this component want to actively express their individuality in the game worlds they find themselves in. In games like Mass Effect, they put a lot of time and effort in the character creation process. In city-building games or space strategy games, they take the time to design and customize exactly how their city or spaceships look. To this end, they prefer games that provide the tools and assets necessary to make this possible and easy to do.
Community (90%)
Discovery (81%)
Story (71%)
Competition (66%)

The top 2, fantasy and design are so YISSSSSS. All this makes me wanna play Mass Effect again ;_;

Okay, a little insight about my love towards sci-fi, with some BS. Next part is my own review of No Man’s Sky. A game that have I waited for 3 years.


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