Minecraft, more like HARD2FINDWOODCRAFT

(A long time – I lol’d).


Time to dive in the world of Minecraft. Okay I did read a bit info from  the WEBS and all the shit about how to craft basic tools and generally what to do. I knew there were blocks and some cool monsters but that’s about it.

Before we go to the main ding-a-ling, I want to speak my mind about screenshots. I took couple of great pics that I want to put on this post. I calmly looked them from my Minecraft folder, nope nothing there. Okay maybe they are in documents? Nope, okay I’ll start looking options menu within the game. Yep, still no signs from the screenshots. At this time my eyes start to twitch, I mean come on, how hard can it be? I’m glad that I live in these marvelous times where you can find everything on the internet, so I checked it out there..


Just out of curiosity what’s wrong with saving screenshots in the folder, where you installed the game? Mind if I say I also found that you can change the default directory where the game saves your scrnshots, from options menu “Options -> Controls -> Miscellaneous”. CONTROLS? That should the place where you can change the ingame CONTROLS not the general options.

Why is this dude on fire?

I tried first the easy one, creative mode. I just flew around, collected blocks and swam in lava. Life was pretty ez. OKAY time for the main event, the survival mode, the first random generated world that I’ll play and voilà, it’s FULL OF NOTHING. I look around and there are no trees, so I said goodbye to any thought of making tools, so let’s just try another world. Second one was a bit better, I spawned in the middle of trees, aww yiss, now we are actually getting somewhere.

*cricket sounds*

(BTW I’m also writing Dragon Age 2 review at the same time as this. Only difference is that DA2 sucks monkey balls and I don’t want to play it. Maybe I can just leave it to dust and continue my journey with Inquisition..)

As I’m doing my king of the hill maneuver I thought I need  sticks, coal food and some nice cave where I can hide from the monsters. WOW GUESS WHAT, THERE IS NO FOOD OR CAVES AND IT’S NOW DARK AND I DON’T HAVE TIME TO CRAFT AN AXE  I’m about to die of hunger because I can’t find any food, take a nice look at my inventory? I can’t eat these *swearing*:DDDD


Oh dear so now it’s dark and those creepy crawlers are coming in WHOPPAA okay I killed one (with a stick! In your face zombies) and I ..ate it? I’m pretty sure that was an awful idea but my hunger meter was pretty low. But Now I have some kind of food poisoning?

I’m dead.


Some Skeletor-wannabe-zombie with arrows killed me just as I figured out I can actually eat zombies and fill my hunger meter with rotten flesh. Game respawned me again in the mountains with no items whatsoever and it’s still dark. I was like okay, time to hurry up and get the wood so I can craft weapons! I’ll start getting that damn wood as fast as I can but OH WOW the creeps found me!

Even tho I use a lots of caps and were a bit baffled over something, overall I enjoyed Minecraft and I’m definitely going to play more. I just want to share my first thoughts here, maybe next time I actually survive through the night! Or something magically will happen and I play Da2 through..



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