WOW cinematic trailers

I love music and well who doesn’t? I’m known to get SUPER high feelings (or really atmospheric, I really don’t know the right English word for it, in Finnish it’s “fiilistellä”) from long walks, certain moments and of course, music. I’m into many different categories (if there is more memories attached to the song, the better it is) but now I’m going to concentrate on gaming music and how it affects me and the job I’m doing. I get so good energy and motivational boosts from these that it’s crazy! These songs have helped me to get up in the morning. I have “couple” other songs that are important to me, but I’m going to do another post about them, this would be too long otherwise!

World of Warcraft

These videos are those where I get most of my goosebumps from. I didn’t start playing WOW until 2008. but holy balls when I first saw this I was so done. It combines my every favorite themes. Fantasy, epicness, different cool new species, Night elves, action and magic. Can’t really say when I saw this the first time, but It’s always been super important video to me. If I need a motivational check, I’ll watch all the cinematic trailers. Just the feeling that people (very talented people I might add) have done these, and sometimes they had sucked balls and thought that they wont be nothing. But now they are doing this crazy shit that I’m watching. Creating amazing worlds and lore out of their mind.

Not to mention their ability to do these crazy detailed cinematic trailers. This is dated waay back into 2006 and still it looks good! Don’t get me started about the EPIC music, I’m going through every WOW music masterpiece further on..

World of Warcraft: Legion

This one is pretty new of course, but the first time I set my hoping gaze on it, I was sold. EPICNESS WAS TOO DAMN HIGH, and I watched it many times in a row. One moment that really rocked my socks was when King Varian Hymn nodded to Dark Lady Sylvanas, holy shit I was about to wet my pants. Long western society Bad VS. Good way of life had been broken. Details are yet again guaranteed Blizzard quality. I started to play WOW again to get my characters up to speed before Legion hits the market, but I’m now still at Levi and there really haven’t been time to play 😀 Legion should come out before or on 16 September 16, 2016, so I still have some time left!

I also like to think that the dialogue in the beginning, is reflecting my own kind of struggles with life. From game industry to many more issues. How silly as it sounds that dialogue keeps me going (when I watch it) and give me HUGE amount of motivation! And one sentence “to preserve it, you must be willing to FIGHT”. I like to see my situation same as that, I get nothing if I don’t fight and keep on going. Okay this was a bit weird but let it pass. It is just what I think of xD

World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade

Yep this brings me a lot of good memories. I wore this nice cotton candy & pepper parfume back then, and this game (and another way around) brings me many things. Ah this nostalgia. But anyway, If I remember correctly, I started playing WOW while this expansion pack was raging on. It was and still is my favorite pack of them all! The theme was so magical compared to others expansion packs. There was crazy octopus people Drainei, doing some awesome spells and just trying to survive on the unknown world. Blood elves were my only class that I’ve used on the Horde side and thus they are my third favorite class in the game. Haha Always when I’m watching this trailer, in the beginning there is Illidan saying “..vanished from my own homeland” part. I think he sounds there a bit like Professor Snape from Harry Potter xD LISTEN CAREFULLY!!

World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Ooh this is some epic shit here. All the dialogue, and the creepy (but beautiful) singing. It’s a really good trailer, but I didn’t like the expansion pack so much. It was too “normal” if I can say it like that. The all cool comicbook styled stuff back in BC were long gone, and there was some ice and shit. But don’t get me wrong, it was still a pretty freaking cool, I still go to WOTLK places just to run around and remember what my life was like when I ran there xD lolz.

Okay tbh I could put Pandaria’s cinematic trailer here also, but it’s not so great. I really love the humour side of it & I think the induvidual songs in that expansion are one of the best in the whole series. Remember these are my point of views and I alone have picked up these here because they have a special meaning to me! I would love to draw some cute little WOW pictures in this post, but unfortunately I’m still a bit far away from home and my stuff are there xD BUT YEAH next time, more music stuff yay!



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