My little trip to LAPLAND

SHIET wtf is going on? Put more posts pls.

Yep a lot has happened, between the last post and today. I had a HUGE breakdown after Slush and shit just literally hit the fan. I couldn’t do my job, couldn’t get out of bed :DD  It was really tough one (and still is) and I’m wondering how did I put shit together after that. It felt like the whole base of my life just scattered and fell, I was completely terrified. Now I’m feeling good (well better).

I’m thinking I should write a post mortem about my time at Sharkpunch. Going to do it within 1 month, so I won’t write anything here about it. It’s going to be a looooooong post so I need furiously to concentrate to it xD

I was able to attend just a few xmas parties this year, what a bummer! One was xmasparty at Unity HQ! It’s always so lovely to go there, all the people and the overall feeling is so nice! They had this amazing food and WE GOT A PRESENT FROM SANTACLAUS! I did got also a selfie with him. I enjoyed my almost last day in Helsinki, just before I left to Lapland. I was pretty sure after all the game industry stress, that I just am not good enough to work there. But I would leave so many people and happening behind, so maybe I’ll just stick around! Thanks for all the kind and inspiring words for that evening. I won’t forget them 🙂

well let’s start the hype: I’M IN LAPLAND, LEVI WHOOOO! First few days went in this haze, “omg I’m actually here, “OMG what if I can’t do my job correctly, “OMGGOGM I LOVE THIS SNOW”. The views are to die for, the mountains are so pretty! Trees look so amazing with their frozen branches.

I’m staying in Hullu Poro Hostel, it’s like 2 km away from the Levi center. Never I had these amazing views when I go from work. Fields, mountains, forest, this lovely little creek with relaxing sound. Best thing was this one night, it was almost -20 degrees outside & we went out hunting some northern lights and shooting stars with my roommate! The views there, couple kilometers to north were BREATHTAKING. There were no light pollution, just the stars, northern lights and us. I’m pretty sure I saw our milky way too. One of the biggest dreams I had, see the northern lights in Lapland, had just came true (I saw also 3 shooting stars, never seen so many). Made me think again how small I was compared to the whole universe & what is out there and are the possible things thinking the same things as us?

Was it maybe second day of work, I was casually walking to work and it had just snowed A LOT and snowploughs were running a bit late and they drove just beside us, and threw all the snow at us xD It was scawwy..

Work has been amazing. I’m officially one of the jolly elves, Jingle Bells! I’m a bus guide, I pick our clients up from the airport, I tell people important information about Lapland and their trip, sing some xmas songs! They have some different “tasters” and they’ll go to see reindeers, huskies etc & I’ll be there also! Seen many tourists, wonder how people don’t actually now that how cold here can be (There was this one family and their child HAD ONLY JEANS, it was – 25 degrees cold. I had 3 layers of thermal clothes, 3 fleece jackets, 3 woolen socks and my own winter jacket. Kid was crying and I felt sick because how parents can be so stupid and do that to their own kid???).

Had one of the best New Years eve here, we had so much booze and I had to wake up at 8 AM >-< it was not funny, I felt like I was going to die! AND NOW I’m HAVING THIS CRAZY POST HANGOVER and it’s 10 PM wtf.

I’m feeling quite well actually and I’m feeling inspired about my future. I have a plan (yay) what to do after I get back home. I need to work a bit with the details tho! I’m so glad I came here, it gave me some perspective and time to think about what is going on and also to see what is important in my life and what is not.


ps. Here’s some pictures, in random order. I’m too hungover to do anything about it.



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