Easy peasy lemon squeezy?

3 weeks has gone and the amount that I’ve learned is .. pretty high! I was pretty afraid that I couldn’t do this. But here we are, doing fine! Slush 2015 is coming and I got some booth stuff there waiting for me (really love that). I don’t get scared anymore when I’m posting stuff to social media. I’ve learned to use Google Analytics & it feels so good because first when I saw all the stuff there were, I was super positive that I don’t get it in a million years. But wow, now..

I got few new things that I want to try, I don’t know if I enjoy that “scared to shitless” feeling or what but here goes! I want to Stream to Twitch and put videos to YouTube! I did this 30 minute record of The MasterPlan to our game designer. I’m super bad at games that requires stealth and stuff 😀 and I did lots of stupid things ( I had the worst laptop webcam & shitty headset) BUT I really liked it! It was so new and exciting – and tbh I was surprised how “well” it went. I’m not home right now, but when I go there, I’m gonna grab better webcam and headset and try them out! I’m thinking should I do them in Finnish or English? I guess it would be easier to do it in Finnish, but if I do it in English, I could train it at the same time. If you have any suggestions or ideas, go ahead I’m all ears!

I went to this Google & Pollen happening in Helsinki, Restaurant Teatteri. Lots of business & entrepreneur people. People who have their own startup and stuff. I went there on behalf of SharkPunch and I was so excited! There were like 5 people who spoke about user acquisition and money and how to get more money 😀 I learned a few things there. I have been thinking that I want to be a better speaker. When I have to speak to lots of people, words don’t come out correctly and suddenly  I don’t know how to speak English xD and always when I’m somewhere listening someone talking on stage or on panel discussion , I wish I had so much of experience and things that I want to share with the other people. Someday I’ll do that!

I use more English now because there is pretty many people English speakers on office – which is nice. I just started to play WOW again (<3<3) and I want to find some cool guild which has TS on and I can practice my English also there!

Okay last thing! Finnish autumn is so pretty, I’m really sad that now it’s only gray and rainy. Now begins that gruesome waiting for snow (last year there were almost NONE so hopes are high…). Here is some nice pictures from my walks ( I do walks pretty often, around Helsinki & Espoo, it clears my mind).




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