Sleepless at Assembly X_X feat. Remedy


Another great Assembly behind! I always love to go back there, I love the atmosphere, the lights and the awesome computer setups. Although, I always drink WAY too much of energy drinks also. This year Mad Croc was the energy drink sponsor, not my cup of tea, I root for ED Green Light<3


I was Assembly Game jam Social media girl, I planned and posted social media posts, took some pictures and played our jammers awesome games! (if you want to check them, go I was planning to buy a selfiestick (lolz) for this event, but my phone was an idiot and didn’t regonize it (it worked via bluetooth). Maybe when I start to get some $$ I’ll buy GoPro. Also I participated  to many competitions, such as table hockey tournament (I won the first match, and I hadn’t played that game in 10 years!) and I was drooling for the awesome Ipad Mini prize and I was sure no one could beat me. Well I lost the second match.

I’m pretty new to the Assembly groove, and of course the demo combos are quite new to me. Tbh, I really didn’t like the music combos. Music was way too trippy for me! But the 1k and 4k combos were UNBELIEVABLE! It’s crazy how they can fit so much information to so little space. It’s like they can make a visual thingy with the amount of bytes when I only open one word file! CRAZY.


I’m laughing bymyself here because if I told this to someone in demoscene, they could be a little bit angry with me. I actually think the opening “theme” and “ kill all audio and light” thing at Assembly is way more cooler than some of the combos! The blinking text and awesome music always gets me in the “I can do anything in the game industry” mood. So sad that I didn’t find that on YouTube.

OH I ALMOST FORGOT. I got to be on one interview also! I was super excited and scared to shitless but here you go


hahahah I sound so stupid.

Oh and I also got into the Remedy 20 year old party! It was super difficult, but yay I got in!! What I didn’t realize, there were also Sami Järvi (Max Payne) and Ilkka Villi (Finnish actor, Alan Wake). Yep mixed up with good grill food and funny named drinks, I can say the event was pretty awesome. There was also fireworks with music!

One word about Max Payne. It was super weird to see the main character from the game you used to play when you were a kid 😀 I was there like “whaaaaaaaaa..”. I was pretty young when the Max Payne came out, but I still remember the spooky subwaystation from the game. And when the subway came and if you died, the whole screen went to red. Spooky times! Maybe I’ll do separate blogpost about my childhoods favorite games sometimes!


valmisI really liked my outfit that day! (oh wow my first outfit picture here), maybe next time I’ll include my makeup too!



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