Postmortem Frogmind

Okay here goes! First I got this opportunity by being in a right place in a right time and being sociable. I ran to Frogmind CEO and at the time I was looking for internship. They didn’t have the spot but I was convincing and I got the right attitude and that’s why I got the job!

First day selfie!
First day selfie!

I have no former work experience in the game industry and still I got internship from a great indie game studio! I remember I was at Verkkokauppa buying my pink Razer headphones when I got the call that I’m in. I seriously jumped like a crazy person and started to scream 😀 Okay they still wanted to try if I could blend in so it was 1 week training and after that I could continue.


First I’ll write all the things that didn’t go so well and what I really need to work on. I’m super disappointed at myself for not doing more than I did. I got problems with my self confidence and I think it was the biggest reason why things didn’t go so well.

I sometimes (okay pretty often) slip into comparing myself to others and in this case it wasn’t really clever. All the guys there were like these super indie developers, they had their own companies and 5 to 10 years experience from the industry! I always had fun to watch what they were doing and it was super interesting too. I felt pretty stupid, like “ whoa they do things so good and I have problems with like everything and oh god what I am doing”. My low self confidence reflected to my independent working and I should have just forget all the unpleasant feelings and just push through.

My very first business card!
My very first business card!

Also time management was a problem, let’s say that I had like 7 tasks / day to do. I did them so stupidly, not in correct order but jumping task to task. End result was not that good.

Thing that really hurts me was my English (and it still hurts too). When I started at Frogmind, my written English was pretty bad. Oh god I’m ashamed that I could be that bad! When I wrote application to Frogmind, it was full FULL of errors 😀 it was understandable but it was just terrible. I can’t say I’m now fluent in English, but hell It’s much better than before!

Poor froggie..

One thing that I would have needed was more guidance. I know It’s pretty much asked from a small company and they had already their hands full of everything. I think it would have helped me a lot. But I went straight to deep end and somehow I survived it, so I think I’m ready for the next adventure ;D

Me and my bf at Unity party!
Me and my bf at Unity party!

and now to the better half, to all the good things! I try to write consistently but there were just too many cool things. Frogmind gave me a really good challenges and responsibilities. With the assistance of their Customer Support guy, I was taking care of their Customer Support! Answered to their tickets (in ZenDesk). I actually enjoyed Customer Support pretty much! It was nice feeling that I could interact with the fans and try to solve their game related problems and help them to get back to the amazing world of BADLAND. Many people said that you will hear lot’s of shit there, but tbh there were only a few “you guys are poop heads” cases 😀

xmas tree!
my desk just before xmas

About social media, oh god I was afraid to post anything! But I somehow at the end was able to put some nice content to our social media channels. I think it was vital for me to get super scared about it (and I read all the text like a million times before posting) because now I know how to handle it better.

I’m a super big fan of colorful clothes. All the guys had black BADLAND hoodies and t-shirts (okay there were white t-shirts too). I got to choose color for my new BADLAND hoodie and we added some clones to that as well. It looked super cool and I wore it with pride 🙂

I got a possibility to represent BADLAND at Slush 2014. I got this super cool BADLAND hoodie (way cooler than just plain black hoodies) and a BADLAND themed rollup. This was my first time at Slush and man oh man. That event was H-U-G-E! There were like 13k people, it was super hard to navigate through there and I can say that I was super excited

Badass SLUSH Kati


Maybe too excited, I was only able to eat free chocolate and energy drinks xD During Slush, I was pretty proud of myself because I got these old business men to download BADLAND into their phones and actually play them! Even when they said they are not interested in games.

I had our booth on AppCampus territory, there were some super nice people there and even tho I was literally scared to shitless, I managed to entertain people enough that they actually stopped to listen what I was talking to them! People who didn’t have actual interest towards games and gaming, stopped at my booth and started to play BADLAND! Also nice people from the AppCampus said that I did really well! I’m really fond of compliments so it felt really good. First time at this kind of an event at it went well. I want to do this again in the future!

AppCampus BBQ
AppCampus BBQ

In overall, this was the very first game industry job I’ve ever had. There were some ups and downs, I’ve met so many cool people and did some awesome stuff. I’m just pretty uncertain about the future and what I’m going to do. My self confidence got a hit from all this and I’m having a hard time to do anything. I just need to train stuff more and maintain my positive way of thinking. This is what I want and what I have searched my whole life. Not going to give up so easily.



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