What a long, strange trip it’s been

Super focused gamer at Silja Line cruise boat. Gotta also love those 90’s pants!

I have dreamed that something like this would happen. That I could really enjoy what I do for living and it would be related to things that I’ve enjoyed doing for a pretty long time. I started to gain some interest in games a while back, when I was about 3 years old. My dad was playing Super Mario Bros 3 on NES and I watched. I guess I was pretty impressed by to that striking music and 8-bit art.

I can also thank my early childhood boyfriends (not boyfriend boyfriends!) and my cousins, they played a lot of games when I was young. I got into it too and when I was in junior high school I was kind of a weird. Didn’t wear any make up, didn’t go out really and I was shy as hell. Can you swear here? Well I promise I won’t do that again!

So time went by and I was just a regular girl with average job in daycare. I didn’t have any plans for the future and I didn’t have cool inspiring life goals. One day I woke up and thought to myself that oh god this can’t be all that I can do? What is really my purpose, it can’t be just all this?

Changes had to be done and I started to sniff around! I joined this creative course and one day, my teacher told me about IGDA Finland. That every month all the gaming industry stars, veterans and noobs are in one place and it would be perfect way for me to start! Then I just did it. It was the scariest thing I’ve ever done. Didn’t know almost anyone and I just went there and started to talk to people! I don’t know if I still know anything but situation is way better than last time I checked.

I’ve been now for 8 months (4realz) in game industry as Community Manager at Frogmind (go check their mobile game BADLAND out, it’s cool!) and I’m also Volunteer Coordinator at IGDA Finland (http://igda.fi/). I have learned so much and also I have noticed new thing about me and how I handle stressful situations and my surprising low self esteem.

I have all the power to do what I want and first of all I wanted to start writing a blog and IN ENGLISH. Oh god I’m super excited and nervous! But I need to improve my English for many reasons!  I don’t know if anyone is interested in reading this but now I have a place to start really put things out of my mind and maybe see some progress?

Topics that I would like to write on

– my noob adventures in Finnish game industry
– some tips for people about game industry (what I’ve heard)
– games (League Of Legends for now)
– maybe some posts about my wacky hair and new outfits etc.

For my next blog post, I’m gonna write POST MORTEM when I was working at Frogmind. What went well and what didn’t. Really looking forward to write that. Oh yeah and sorry for all the misspellings and crazy sentences!


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