Metal Gear Solid, Raccoon edition!

I’ll be damned if I don’t hear Sly Sly SLYYYYY..” at some point! Also note that Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus is my first game review ever, so be gentle!


Meet Sly, sneaky little raccoon whose family have been masters of theft since times when Egyptians ruled the world. Some bad dudes killed Sly’s parents and their ancient family heirloom book was stolen! Book includes all the tricks and secrets of the Raccoon master thief family. Together with the geeky turtle and Murray pink hippo, they head to this mysterious adventure and start to look for the missing book pages! It does not help when Policeman Carmelita Montoya Fox tries to vaporize Sly to the high heavens with her bad-ass bazooka!

This game has everything what a hardcore platform gamers love! Funny cut scenes, amazing sound effects (Coins, extra lives and most of all, the sneaking part while you are inside the barrel. Hilarious!). Even though I don’t approve driving and shooting minigames with a MILLION NO-NO-DON’T-DO THIS, Bentley’s hacking game was really well done. I also found references to other games! I’m pretty sure a blind kid could spot these, but I was so excited that I found them by myself. There was a flying bug from Rayman in the Swampland and a crab from the crab shooting game from Spyro! At least I’m pretty sure they look like them another story if they are just similar..

Spyro, Jak and Daxter I remember these diamonds from my childhood any day. Intensive power up and gem hunting, jumping, including intriguing characters and breathtaking views. For my taste,  difficulty setting was just about right, I have maybe the lowest toleration in the universe for hard puzzle games! Amazing gaming moments from my childhood, but for some reason Sly Racoon never made it to my collection. I can understand why, because this game IS HARD. Like holy hell, I’ve died a million times for example in these:

Also excuse me, what is this:

You can’t know playing first time that there is a large gap between your platform and the another one! I mean jeez, would it be so hard to add some kind of mini platform here, so you don’t fall to your fiery demise? Really boils my nonexistent nuts away! Cheap way to add more hardness to the game if you don’t mind me saying so. Our friend with a sniper from Overwatch knows what I’m talking about: ONE SHOT, ONE KILL. This is the worst thing. The game is really stingy when it comes extra hit points (horseshoes). Better look out for them, otherwise you will not be a happy player!


Bentley: “Watch out those voodoo dudes, they work in teams!”
Sly: “So do we buddy”.


Overall: If you haven’t played Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus when it came out DO IT NOW! Even though the game was hard, I really enjoyed playing it! Maybe I’ll just suck in it, so who knows. Also don’t play this if you like the genre, this will make your blood boil more than the vast emptiness of space. More or less.



Ah genre of the winners, sci-fi! Can’t really remember the first time I started to get into it. I was 12 when I started to be a crazy fan girl over Dragon ball Z. Different worlds (I was amazed about the green skies of planet Namek, was a bit anxious about the Frieza’s space ships),  crazy looking aliens. The series had everything I wanted, and I clearly remember that my friends didn’t understand it at all! I was hooked. NASA, space exploration, sci-fi, spaceships, ISS, science, artificial intelligence, movies, documents & articles are dang-diddly-doo interesting! I could continue the list forever. These things also makes me a bit sad, because I know, I won’t be alive during the peak of the human future. Although top scientists have predicted that in 60 years A.I will surpass our own intelligence. Pretty deep huh, I just hope there is not going to be Hitler number 50 making the hard decisions (PSST! Read

I was born too damn early! I want my own spaceship and go wander to the vast universe, see new aliens, new systems, new ways of life and tech.. all the amazing tech. Okay I’ve been playing No Man’s Sky like hell, but this hype started before NMS. I cannot say what could be more exciting than this. I can’t even start to imagine, what is out there, what we don’t know. I’m pretty sad that I’m never going to experience all these space activities UNLESS they invent some kind of eat-these-don’t-get-older drugs!

I wanted a game, where I feel like I’m in the future doing my futuristic shit. I got my own spaceship, hair color that changes when I press button (oh please, please NASA or someone invent this!). Well plus all the things that I wrote before. Let’s take an example, like the Mass Effect series. It is still the best game I’ve ever played. The atmosphere, characters, combat. Everything is so well made for feeling like you actually are there, leading humanity to victory as Captain Shepard (fem ofc).

I’m Captain Shepard and I can see through ceiling.

Even thou for me the PC port was BUGGY AS HELL. Even Bugs Bunny would have given up *Badumtshh*. No but seriously, something like that happend almost every time I played it! Still the best game EVER MADE!

I’m also waiting for Star Citizen. I pitched to my friend that I want to play a game, that is JUST LIKE IT! I Needless to say, I was excited when I heard about the game. Excitement was short lived, when I saw It’s still under development aand It still is! Yes I know, if you make a big game, be prepared to wait for it. They just took awful lot of  money from backers and they are still in alpha 2.4. Really hope they get their shit together and make the most amazing game there is.

Also, check out my Gamertag

Fantasy (93%): Gamers who score high on Fantasy want their gaming experiences to allow them to become someone else, somewhere else. They enjoy the sense of being immersed in an alter ego in a believable alternate world, and enjoy exploring a game world just for the sake of exploring it. These gamers enjoy games like Skyrim, Fallout, and Mass Effect for their fully imagined alternate settings.

Design (91%): Gamers who score high on this component want to actively express their individuality in the game worlds they find themselves in. In games like Mass Effect, they put a lot of time and effort in the character creation process. In city-building games or space strategy games, they take the time to design and customize exactly how their city or spaceships look. To this end, they prefer games that provide the tools and assets necessary to make this possible and easy to do.
Community (90%)
Discovery (81%)
Story (71%)
Competition (66%)

The top 2, fantasy and design are so YISSSSSS. All this makes me wanna play Mass Effect again ;_;

Okay, a little insight about my love towards sci-fi, with some BS. Next part is my own review of No Man’s Sky. A game that have I waited for 3 years.

Minecraft, more like HARD2FINDWOODCRAFT

(A long time – I lol’d).


Time to dive in the world of Minecraft. Okay I did read a bit info from  the WEBS and all the shit about how to craft basic tools and generally what to do. I knew there were blocks and some cool monsters but that’s about it.

Before we go to the main ding-a-ling, I want to speak my mind about screenshots. I took couple of great pics that I want to put on this post. I calmly looked them from my Minecraft folder, nope nothing there. Okay maybe they are in documents? Nope, okay I’ll start looking options menu within the game. Yep, still no signs from the screenshots. At this time my eyes start to twitch, I mean come on, how hard can it be? I’m glad that I live in these marvelous times where you can find everything on the internet, so I checked it out there..


Just out of curiosity what’s wrong with saving screenshots in the folder, where you installed the game? Mind if I say I also found that you can change the default directory where the game saves your scrnshots, from options menu “Options -> Controls -> Miscellaneous”. CONTROLS? That should the place where you can change the ingame CONTROLS not the general options.

Why is this dude on fire?

I tried first the easy one, creative mode. I just flew around, collected blocks and swam in lava. Life was pretty ez. OKAY time for the main event, the survival mode, the first random generated world that I’ll play and voilà, it’s FULL OF NOTHING. I look around and there are no trees, so I said goodbye to any thought of making tools, so let’s just try another world. Second one was a bit better, I spawned in the middle of trees, aww yiss, now we are actually getting somewhere.

*cricket sounds*

(BTW I’m also writing Dragon Age 2 review at the same time as this. Only difference is that DA2 sucks monkey balls and I don’t want to play it. Maybe I can just leave it to dust and continue my journey with Inquisition..)

As I’m doing my king of the hill maneuver I thought I need  sticks, coal food and some nice cave where I can hide from the monsters. WOW GUESS WHAT, THERE IS NO FOOD OR CAVES AND IT’S NOW DARK AND I DON’T HAVE TIME TO CRAFT AN AXE  I’m about to die of hunger because I can’t find any food, take a nice look at my inventory? I can’t eat these *swearing*:DDDD


Oh dear so now it’s dark and those creepy crawlers are coming in WHOPPAA okay I killed one (with a stick! In your face zombies) and I ..ate it? I’m pretty sure that was an awful idea but my hunger meter was pretty low. But Now I have some kind of food poisoning?

I’m dead.


Some Skeletor-wannabe-zombie with arrows killed me just as I figured out I can actually eat zombies and fill my hunger meter with rotten flesh. Game respawned me again in the mountains with no items whatsoever and it’s still dark. I was like okay, time to hurry up and get the wood so I can craft weapons! I’ll start getting that damn wood as fast as I can but OH WOW the creeps found me!

Even tho I use a lots of caps and were a bit baffled over something, overall I enjoyed Minecraft and I’m definitely going to play more. I just want to share my first thoughts here, maybe next time I actually survive through the night! Or something magically will happen and I play Da2 through..


Mac & C.H.E.E.S.E

YES new year and new me bullshit starts right now! I’ve always wanted to try ah-so-murica styled MAC&CHEESE! Well I was pretty terrified about boiling pasta in MILK (it’s super easy to burn) BUT it didn’t, at least so badly.




Hahahahah I’m so proud of myself. Okay next time I’m going to do something healthy. At least as soon as I go back home. BTW it’s been – 35 degrees here, and I’m dying, here is a couple of pictures in these even-hell-would-freeze conditions.


WOW cinematic trailers

I love music and well who doesn’t? I’m known to get SUPER high feelings (or really atmospheric, I really don’t know the right English word for it, in Finnish it’s “fiilistellä”) from long walks, certain moments and of course, music. I’m into many different categories (if there is more memories attached to the song, the better it is) but now I’m going to concentrate on gaming music and how it affects me and the job I’m doing. I get so good energy and motivational boosts from these that it’s crazy! These songs have helped me to get up in the morning. I have “couple” other songs that are important to me, but I’m going to do another post about them, this would be too long otherwise!

World of Warcraft

These videos are those where I get most of my goosebumps from. I didn’t start playing WOW until 2008. but holy balls when I first saw this I was so done. It combines my every favorite themes. Fantasy, epicness, different cool new species, Night elves, action and magic. Can’t really say when I saw this the first time, but It’s always been super important video to me. If I need a motivational check, I’ll watch all the cinematic trailers. Just the feeling that people (very talented people I might add) have done these, and sometimes they had sucked balls and thought that they wont be nothing. But now they are doing this crazy shit that I’m watching. Creating amazing worlds and lore out of their mind.

Not to mention their ability to do these crazy detailed cinematic trailers. This is dated waay back into 2006 and still it looks good! Don’t get me started about the EPIC music, I’m going through every WOW music masterpiece further on..

World of Warcraft: Legion

This one is pretty new of course, but the first time I set my hoping gaze on it, I was sold. EPICNESS WAS TOO DAMN HIGH, and I watched it many times in a row. One moment that really rocked my socks was when King Varian Hymn nodded to Dark Lady Sylvanas, holy shit I was about to wet my pants. Long western society Bad VS. Good way of life had been broken. Details are yet again guaranteed Blizzard quality. I started to play WOW again to get my characters up to speed before Legion hits the market, but I’m now still at Levi and there really haven’t been time to play 😀 Legion should come out before or on 16 September 16, 2016, so I still have some time left!

I also like to think that the dialogue in the beginning, is reflecting my own kind of struggles with life. From game industry to many more issues. How silly as it sounds that dialogue keeps me going (when I watch it) and give me HUGE amount of motivation! And one sentence “to preserve it, you must be willing to FIGHT”. I like to see my situation same as that, I get nothing if I don’t fight and keep on going. Okay this was a bit weird but let it pass. It is just what I think of xD

World Of Warcraft: Burning Crusade

Yep this brings me a lot of good memories. I wore this nice cotton candy & pepper parfume back then, and this game (and another way around) brings me many things. Ah this nostalgia. But anyway, If I remember correctly, I started playing WOW while this expansion pack was raging on. It was and still is my favorite pack of them all! The theme was so magical compared to others expansion packs. There was crazy octopus people Drainei, doing some awesome spells and just trying to survive on the unknown world. Blood elves were my only class that I’ve used on the Horde side and thus they are my third favorite class in the game. Haha Always when I’m watching this trailer, in the beginning there is Illidan saying “..vanished from my own homeland” part. I think he sounds there a bit like Professor Snape from Harry Potter xD LISTEN CAREFULLY!!

World Of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King

Ooh this is some epic shit here. All the dialogue, and the creepy (but beautiful) singing. It’s a really good trailer, but I didn’t like the expansion pack so much. It was too “normal” if I can say it like that. The all cool comicbook styled stuff back in BC were long gone, and there was some ice and shit. But don’t get me wrong, it was still a pretty freaking cool, I still go to WOTLK places just to run around and remember what my life was like when I ran there xD lolz.

Okay tbh I could put Pandaria’s cinematic trailer here also, but it’s not so great. I really love the humour side of it & I think the induvidual songs in that expansion are one of the best in the whole series. Remember these are my point of views and I alone have picked up these here because they have a special meaning to me! I would love to draw some cute little WOW pictures in this post, but unfortunately I’m still a bit far away from home and my stuff are there xD BUT YEAH next time, more music stuff yay!


My little trip to LAPLAND

SHIET wtf is going on? Put more posts pls.

Yep a lot has happened, between the last post and today. I had a HUGE breakdown after Slush and shit just literally hit the fan. I couldn’t do my job, couldn’t get out of bed :DD  It was really tough one (and still is) and I’m wondering how did I put shit together after that. It felt like the whole base of my life just scattered and fell, I was completely terrified. Now I’m feeling good (well better).

I’m thinking I should write a post mortem about my time at Sharkpunch. Going to do it within 1 month, so I won’t write anything here about it. It’s going to be a looooooong post so I need furiously to concentrate to it xD

I was able to attend just a few xmas parties this year, what a bummer! One was xmasparty at Unity HQ! It’s always so lovely to go there, all the people and the overall feeling is so nice! They had this amazing food and WE GOT A PRESENT FROM SANTACLAUS! I did got also a selfie with him. I enjoyed my almost last day in Helsinki, just before I left to Lapland. I was pretty sure after all the game industry stress, that I just am not good enough to work there. But I would leave so many people and happening behind, so maybe I’ll just stick around! Thanks for all the kind and inspiring words for that evening. I won’t forget them 🙂

well let’s start the hype: I’M IN LAPLAND, LEVI WHOOOO! First few days went in this haze, “omg I’m actually here, “OMG what if I can’t do my job correctly, “OMGGOGM I LOVE THIS SNOW”. The views are to die for, the mountains are so pretty! Trees look so amazing with their frozen branches.

I’m staying in Hullu Poro Hostel, it’s like 2 km away from the Levi center. Never I had these amazing views when I go from work. Fields, mountains, forest, this lovely little creek with relaxing sound. Best thing was this one night, it was almost -20 degrees outside & we went out hunting some northern lights and shooting stars with my roommate! The views there, couple kilometers to north were BREATHTAKING. There were no light pollution, just the stars, northern lights and us. I’m pretty sure I saw our milky way too. One of the biggest dreams I had, see the northern lights in Lapland, had just came true (I saw also 3 shooting stars, never seen so many). Made me think again how small I was compared to the whole universe & what is out there and are the possible things thinking the same things as us?

Was it maybe second day of work, I was casually walking to work and it had just snowed A LOT and snowploughs were running a bit late and they drove just beside us, and threw all the snow at us xD It was scawwy..

Work has been amazing. I’m officially one of the jolly elves, Jingle Bells! I’m a bus guide, I pick our clients up from the airport, I tell people important information about Lapland and their trip, sing some xmas songs! They have some different “tasters” and they’ll go to see reindeers, huskies etc & I’ll be there also! Seen many tourists, wonder how people don’t actually now that how cold here can be (There was this one family and their child HAD ONLY JEANS, it was – 25 degrees cold. I had 3 layers of thermal clothes, 3 fleece jackets, 3 woolen socks and my own winter jacket. Kid was crying and I felt sick because how parents can be so stupid and do that to their own kid???).

Had one of the best New Years eve here, we had so much booze and I had to wake up at 8 AM >-< it was not funny, I felt like I was going to die! AND NOW I’m HAVING THIS CRAZY POST HANGOVER and it’s 10 PM wtf.

I’m feeling quite well actually and I’m feeling inspired about my future. I have a plan (yay) what to do after I get back home. I need to work a bit with the details tho! I’m so glad I came here, it gave me some perspective and time to think about what is going on and also to see what is important in my life and what is not.


ps. Here’s some pictures, in random order. I’m too hungover to do anything about it.


Easy peasy lemon squeezy?

3 weeks has gone and the amount that I’ve learned is .. pretty high! I was pretty afraid that I couldn’t do this. But here we are, doing fine! Slush 2015 is coming and I got some booth stuff there waiting for me (really love that). I don’t get scared anymore when I’m posting stuff to social media. I’ve learned to use Google Analytics & it feels so good because first when I saw all the stuff there were, I was super positive that I don’t get it in a million years. But wow, now..

I got few new things that I want to try, I don’t know if I enjoy that “scared to shitless” feeling or what but here goes! I want to Stream to Twitch and put videos to YouTube! I did this 30 minute record of The MasterPlan to our game designer. I’m super bad at games that requires stealth and stuff 😀 and I did lots of stupid things ( I had the worst laptop webcam & shitty headset) BUT I really liked it! It was so new and exciting – and tbh I was surprised how “well” it went. I’m not home right now, but when I go there, I’m gonna grab better webcam and headset and try them out! I’m thinking should I do them in Finnish or English? I guess it would be easier to do it in Finnish, but if I do it in English, I could train it at the same time. If you have any suggestions or ideas, go ahead I’m all ears!

I went to this Google & Pollen happening in Helsinki, Restaurant Teatteri. Lots of business & entrepreneur people. People who have their own startup and stuff. I went there on behalf of SharkPunch and I was so excited! There were like 5 people who spoke about user acquisition and money and how to get more money 😀 I learned a few things there. I have been thinking that I want to be a better speaker. When I have to speak to lots of people, words don’t come out correctly and suddenly  I don’t know how to speak English xD and always when I’m somewhere listening someone talking on stage or on panel discussion , I wish I had so much of experience and things that I want to share with the other people. Someday I’ll do that!

I use more English now because there is pretty many people English speakers on office – which is nice. I just started to play WOW again (<3<3) and I want to find some cool guild which has TS on and I can practice my English also there!

Okay last thing! Finnish autumn is so pretty, I’m really sad that now it’s only gray and rainy. Now begins that gruesome waiting for snow (last year there were almost NONE so hopes are high…). Here is some nice pictures from my walks ( I do walks pretty often, around Helsinki & Espoo, it clears my mind).